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Down until further notice.

January 28, 2009

Because of the massive winter storm that has knocked out power in half of Louisville (including my area), I won’t be able to make regular updates. Please check back soon for any gltbq-related news in Louisville. And more importantly, please be careful.


Who made GLAAD’s list of nominees for 2009?

January 27, 2009

glaadlogoWith award season already underway, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation recently announced a list of nominees for its upcoming 20th annual award show. While the predictable favorites are Milk for film (which will be spotlighted later this week) and Ugly Betty and Ellen for TV, it’s great to know that GLAAD recognizes excellence from every angle in the media, offering categories for digital and print journalism, advertising, comic books (yes, comic books) and even a second list for Spanish nominees.

See the full English list here or watch the video below:

Going Out: The L Word screening at Fuzion + afterparty

January 24, 2009

thelwordFuzion, a hopping new gay club in Louisville’s Butchertown district, will be hosting a screening of  The L Word Sunday night. This is unfortunately the final season of the show and while I’ve never seen an episode, it’s been on the critics’  what to watch list for a while, going beyond the stereotypical “gay show” niche.

Who’s dating who? Who’s breaking up with who? Who’s coming back? Don’t sit at home alone to find out! Watch it on Fuzion’s huge projection screen and chill out on their king-size bed and pillows. DJs The Ladykillers will be spinning after the show if you want to stay out and party.

9 p.m. – close

1335 Story Avenue


Music: Do you “blip?”

January 23, 2009

blipfmPlease welcome guest blogger and co-creator of Queer Louisville Adam (aka Atom), who shares his insights on, a new social networking site that connects users through music. If you’re a Twitter user or a regular, may be your next addiction.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I am like most Americans and only speak English. It’s even more of a poor excuse when my father was born in Honduras and Spanish was his first language. But, to my defense, I grew up in Ohio where in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the world-community climate had yet to boom and the need didn’t seem so obvious. Also, my mother didn’t speak Spanish and probably would have felt left out with her five children running around the house talking in a language she didn’t know anything about. These days, my nephews and nieces in Miami come home from school speaking “Spanglish” and the oldest of them hasn’t even reached 10. Different times.

Despite my lack of linguistic knowledge, I was lucky to be given the love of music, which stereotypically is “the universal language”. In my house on Sundays, we were forbidden to watch any television until the chores were done. My father would play classical music and we would vacuum, wash and listen to his vast collection of vinyl masterpieces while he cooked a large dinner. We would eat early, and then have our TV privileges returned after supper. To this day, I still get a joy listening to Dvorak’s 8th Symphony and can hum each sections part, the woodwinds, the low brass or the strings. I may have hated it then, but I feel lucky now.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the whole universe of “Web 2.0” and it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by the many platforms for social networking. Each one boasts its own particular features, much like following one’s own fetishes. But, despite having a hundred friends I went to school with on Facebook or having a bunch of bands that I like as friends on Myspace, no particular site seemed to create a live interactive experience with people, communicating and sharing and getting to know each other on a basic level. That is, until I discovered

I may have seen the blips come across on someone’s Twitter feed and was curious what it was, so I took the leap, typed in the URL and found myself immersed into a world where there where hundreds, if not thousands of people all chatting and sharing the same passion I have always had: the love of music. in action. in action.

Beyond the chatting, giving props to people for songs you like, and finding yourself addicted just searching for that one song, I was finding myself forming friendships with people all over the world. I’m usually up quite early and I found that’s the perfect time to talk to “Oxy” from Australia. Mid morning and early afternoon, I find myself sharing disco hits with “HerrKirsch” in Germany. But my favorite discovery has been the relationships I’ve made with the “blipsters” or “blipstars” in Brazil, partially sharing the same time zone and introducing me to music I would have never heard before. There is nothing like finding out that someone in Portugal shares the same love of the song you loved growing up and having them call you out on it. Also, there is nothing like logging in and having “Diordan” in Brazil say he thought of you last night when he heard this song and was waiting to see you online so he could play it for you. Most of the time the characters going across the screen are in their own native tongue, and you do not know what they are saying, but all you have to do is listen to the music to know how they feel. And that, is the simple beauty of

On Christmas Day I found out Eartha Kitt passed away on blip before it hit the news wires – people were blipping her songs like mad. On New Years eve each hour of the day someone from some far corner of the world would play some song to ring in the new year. And, I have discovered there are two universal favorites across the world: The Beatles and ABBA.

The best part about is that you can tie it into your other applications even your Twitter feed, or even here. It’s easy to embed into your blog, website or favorite micro-blogging feed. Since I’ve discovered, I’ve moved away from the awkward “tweets” on Twitter because they didn’t express enough for me. But all it takes is one song to express to anyone how I’m feeling that day, or it’s so easy to play some Sylvester for “HerrKirsch” before he goes out dancing on Saturday nights.

Give it a try, give it a few minutes, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself hooked. Blip works best when you follow or “listen” to more DJs. Look for me on Blip, my DJ handle is “Atomik”. Until then, you know where to find me.


Going Out: ThursGay @ Pink Door + More

January 22, 2009

Pink Door ThursGay 1-22Louisville’s hippest club gets set for ThursGay, the weekly event that brings out the glamazons, the scenesters and all the coolest folks around town. If you’ve never been, there’s no cover, the beers are cheap and there’s always a nice (if not massive) turnout. DJs The LadyKillers will be spinning this time around so there’s no excuse not to shake it.

But that’s not all! If you can’t go out tonight, Pink Door will be hosting two events this weekend. On Friday, for just $3, Real Talk will be performing with local fave Jesse Jamz. Saturday they’ll be having an 80s dance party, in celebration of the beginning of the Obama era. For more details, check out Pink Door’s MySpace page.

New Music: Kelly Clarkson, Antony and The Johnsons, Sam Sparro

January 22, 2009

Starting next week, we’ll be featuring music reviews and highlights on Queer Louisville, but we’re getting a head start. Check our blog every Tuesday for updates about glbtq happenings in the music world!

-Gay fave Lady Gaga’s song, “Just Dance” is number one for the third week on Billboard’s Top 100. You know I had to embed the video.

-Queer indie band Anthony & The Johnson’s just released a new LP this week called, “The Crying Light” and it’s getting some pretty good reviews.

-Sam Sparro, who’s up for a Grammy, just released a new single called “Pocket”.  Check out Arjan Writes for a listen.

-For those of you who dive head first into the pop scene, Kelly Clarkson’s new single, My Life Would Suck Without You is available on iTunes.

-And then there’s that Animal Collective album people keep talking about. You can stream the album for free at Rhapsody.

Going Out: GPro Event – 1/21/2009

January 21, 2009

gproThe Louisville Gay Professionals (GPro) will be kicking off their first meeting of the year on the heels of inauguration festivities. For urbanities new to town or those interested in business networking, it’s a great opportunity to socialize and have cocktails with other professionals. GPro meets the third Wednesday every month from 5:30–7:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact Mark England.

5:30-7:30 p.m.

The Connection
120 S. Floyd Street


A Louisville Connection: The GCRM Media Club

January 20, 2009

Passionate often powerful GLBTQ media focused on the Gay Civil Rights Movement too often goes unseen, hidden away on various unrelated sites around the Web. Similarly, creative GLBTQ activists & allies, from all over the world, who care deeply about the Movement in their respective countries, too often go it alone. Let’s fix that.

Hi, I’m Patrick Yaeger based here in Louisville, Kentucky and I curate The GCRM Media Club – a new community of activists & allies sharing quality online media in support of the Gay Civil Rights Movement.

Check out the Media Club’s most recent media on the main page. To access all of the content we’re sharing, upload your own content and interact with members, you’ll need to join up. Don’t worry, membership is completely free. We just ask that you follow the community guidelines, especially the one about no porn or sexually explicit adult content.

Let’s take a look at just one clip from ‘True Colors’ – a relatively new documentary the Media Club recently found which explores the lives of four gay men and their stories of love, hate and acceptance:

New online technologies are connecting people all over our planet like never before. Now is the time to create an open worldwide community of queer people united to defend equality, draw attention to injustice and share our media in that pursuit. If you are a content producer, content collector, videographer, photographer, podcaster, author, musician, artist, activist or ally, you can be of service to the Movement by networking with us, contributing content and spreading the word. 

We also power satellite communities on Twitter The GCRM Mega Feed, Facebook The GCRM Media Club Fan Page and FriendFeed The GCRM Media Club Room.

Where will you be when Obama’s sworn in?

January 19, 2009

If you weren’t one of the lucky few who got a ticket (or just wanted to avoid the crowd, traffic and cold), Louisville has several events planned around town Tuesday. Jessica Elliot from gives you the lowdown on who’s hosting parties and where to go. Gay-friendly First Unitarian Church will be hosting a special event at 7 p.m. with music and speakers.

See her complete list here.

Is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” going away soon?

January 17, 2009

Now that Obama’s elected, progressives are wondering how Obama will deal with the leftovers from the Bush era. We already know he wants to close Guantanomo Bay and jumpstart the economy with a stimulus package, but what about gay rights issues?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gives us a pretty clear-cut answer on DADT below (clip c/o Towleroad):