Welcome to Queer Louisville!


Hello and welcome!

Queer Louisville seeks to provide a centralized source of resources, activities, events, entertainment and other related information for those in the Louisville gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer community. The blog is moderated by Keith Brooks, a local who had an interest in developing an online presence for Louisville’s GLBTQ community.

Keith is blown away on the Eiffel Tower.

Keith is blown away on the Eiffel Tower.

Keith Brooks is a twenty-something native Louisvillian. After living in Columbus, OH and Lexington , KY for college, he yearned to return to his hometown and its continuous development. In his spare time, Keith hosts a comic strip called So Many Levels and is in the midst of a linguistics project on another blog called 37 Languages. Apart from being active in gay rights issues, Keith enjoys traveling, concerts, Mediterranean food and learning new things. The blog was inspired by collaborations between Keith and his friend, Adam Fiallos, a new resident to Louisville seeking to bring about positive changes and create common ground throughout the River City.

What exactly is Queer Louisville? Like a directory for cities, Queer Louisville is an online channel, covering issues GLBTQ people care about. Topics will range from local events, national politics and activism to culture, including music and movie reviews, nightly entertainment and religion & spirituality. The blog reflects Louisville’s growing community and need to unify it, and aims to help readers find everything they need on one easy-to-access site.

We welcome and encourage all feedback as comments help generate the blog. If you have an idea for a post, please email the moderators with your name and idea (photos relating to the post are highly encouraged). We also seek op-eds and posts from those specifically hosting events or those who are very active in GLBTQ issues around town. Queer Louisville aims to provide an open form of dialogue as opposed to being one-way, as content will directly reflect what matters to the community. In the end, Queer Louisville is all about you.

You can access Queer Louisville at these channels online:

FriendFeed Gay Channel


We hope that you will stick with us as we grow into our new shoes and contribute your opinions to make this resource your own. We recognize the diverse aspects of the community, but want to highlight the common themes we all share. From those of us who are discovering their identity to some of us who have been around the block a few times, we want Queer Louisville to have something for everybody, yet show our own distinct Louisville flair.

Please hang around and enjoy the ride!


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5 Responses to “Welcome to Queer Louisville!”

  1. Elle Waters Says:

    Finally – thank you for providing the city something it’s needed for awhile. I look forward to the growth of your site!

    • queerlouisville Says:

      Definitely! Louisville certainly needed something like this. We look forward to you checking out the site!

  2. QueerCincinnati Says:

    Welcome, darling, welcome!!!!

  3. charlievazquez Says:

    Nice job, though when I went to Paris the lines at the Eiffel Tower were INSANE and I did not go up! Good luck here…my blog is at: http://charlievazquez.wordpress.com/


  4. dottcomments Says:

    Wonderful job! Wishing all success.

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