Tuesday, 2/3: Lobbying 101 at the Univ. of Louisville


equalityFairness Campaign, one of Louisville’s largest GLBTQ rights groups, will be presenting “Lobbying 101” tomorrow at the University of Louisville. Like so many other groups around the country, Fairness takes a grassroots approach to advocacy by reaching out to state representatives and regional leaders in Frankfort directly. This information session is great for those who’ve never visited the capitol and need a primer about lobbying. It will also give you the confidence you never knew you had to speak to your local leaders about ensuring statewide equality (and in some cases, thanking them for all of their efforts).

For more information, please visit the event page on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 3
7:30-9 P.M.

University of Louisville Student Activities Center (SAC)
Room 303A
2100 S. Floyd St.


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2 Responses to “Tuesday, 2/3: Lobbying 101 at the Univ. of Louisville”

  1. Burley Says:

    Hey, big shout out to Louisville Fairness Campaign for hosting this, and a big thank you to everyone who attended

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