Going Out: Thursday, 2/5 – G3 Soirée at House of Prime


g3House of Prime, one of downtown Louisville’s newest (and gay-friendly) destination spots will be hosting  G3 Illustrated‘s monthly soirée. For those who don’t know, G3 is a local magazine that features anything and everything you need to know about being queer in the River City. G3 shows its appreciation to devoted readers by what else — throwing a party! If you’ve ever picked up a magazine and glanced at the cover, you’ll probably guess that the soirée will be just as lively and dazzling. And if you’ve never been to House of Prime before, you may want to start going, particularly on Wednesday nights when $5 bottles of wine are offered for guests.

For more info, head on over to the Facebook event here.

Thursday, February 5th
8 p.m. – close

104 w. Main st.


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One Response to “Going Out: Thursday, 2/5 – G3 Soirée at House of Prime”

  1. Adam Says:

    I’ve had a few festive nights there on Wednesday. The best thing about this place on Wednesday’s is that it brings in every type of person, gay or straight. It doesnt hurt to have cheap wine too, plus the pizza is great.

    At my office we are starting to make it a weekly tradition to blow off some steam, then you can always go back for Thurs-gays!

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