Going Out: Friday, 2/6 – New Work by Bryce Hudson at the Green Building Gallery



One of my amazing friends and local contemporary artist Bryce Hudson will be having a show and book signing at The Green Building Gallery, a new energy-efficient addition to Louisville’s downtown arts district. Bryce will be presenting pieces from two bodies of work: the Holding Pattern Series and Equilibrium (Deco) Series. The first collection features female subjects, superimposed by chromatic decorative patterns while the latter combines minimalism and Rococo styles, all allowing the viewer to reconcile their own views of beauty, harmony and balance with impressions from modern society.

Bryce was recently awarded the distinction of artist-in-residency by NY Arts Magazine, an opportunity that allowed him to complete several of his pieces at their arts space in China. His works have been shown all around the globe and are currently on display at galleries in the U.S., South America and China. You can see them for yourself in his book, Bryce Hudson: Explorations in the Shadow of Pop Culture, which will also be on sale.

For more info, please visit the Green Building Gallery’s Web page or the Facebook event.

Friday, 5-9 p.m.

The Green Building Gallery
732 E Market St


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2 Responses to “Going Out: Friday, 2/6 – New Work by Bryce Hudson at the Green Building Gallery”

  1. Kenny Bloggins Says:

    Keith! The blog looks great. Congrats on getting everything together.


  2. Adam Says:

    I’ve heard of this building when I took my Focus Louisville class. Sounds like fun!

    The site looks great, Keith!

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