Call, call, call!


I posted about Senate Bill 68 (the ugly bill proposed by State Senator Gary Tapp that would prevent gays and unmarried couples from adopting) and House Bill 48 (the good bill that would allow “unmarried couples” to file for domestic violence protection orders) but now the ball is in your court.

E-mailing your legislators is great, but calling is an effective way of reaching out to them. If you’re human, you’ve probably canned e-mails unconsciously or forget about them. The people at the capitol are busy folks and most of the time e-mails are funneled through secretaries who work with several legislators at a time.

For SB 68, find your senator here and call their extension at the capitol annex. Leave your name, address and a message about how SB 68 would advance a discriminatory legacy for the Bluegrass and completely devastate Kentucky’s foster care system and families, also adding to the state’s budget problems.

For HB 48, you can visit the same page and look for your representative, but call the weekday hotline at (800) 372-7181 and ask for Rep. Kelly Flood, a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Let her know your concern about victims of physical and verbal abuse who aren’t able to get protections because they’re not married or happen to be gay.

Whatever you do call. Not only will you get your social justice groove on, but it’s easy! What are you waiting for?


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One Response to “Call, call, call!”

  1. jake Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Keith!

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