Commentary: Marriage Equality highlights and signs of hope


While this isn’t necessarily related to Louisville, some major things happened this week:

The Iowa Supreme Court overturned a ban restricting marriage to heterosexuals. The ruling was unanimous and overturned the 10-year old ban. A little later in the week a bill proposed to reject same-sex marriage was shot down in the House.

The Vermont legislature passes a measure allowing marriage between same-sex couples. While vetoed by Governor Davis, the Senate overrode the veto 23-5; it was overrode by the House in a much closer vote of 100-49, with one vote separating the difference. This makes Vermont the fourth state to legalize gay marriage and the first  through legislative process.

Washington D.C. voted to recognize marriages between same-sex couples. Marriages that are valid in other states that currently allow gay marriage will be legal in D.C. The vote was 12-0, making it unanimous.

This is great news for not only the GLBTQ community, but America. While we still have 46 other states to go, including California (in which the Supreme Court has about 53 days to hand down a decision about Prop 8), it’s a definite sign that things are changing for the better. Not to mention that we have a fantastic president who actually supports gay rights.

Whether same-sex marriage foes like it or not, equality is on its way, faster than ever.  Other regions around the world, such as Norway and Sweden, have recently allowed it, but how long will it take for universal acceptance here? Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight compiled a chart estimating when states would legalize same-sex marriages. While several states in the South have some ways to go, it is very possible that gay marriage will be universally legal in about 25 years. For Kentucky, it’s about 8-11 years.

That’s not that long at all. Until then, the fight for equality wins a huge battle in the neverending war for civil rights.


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One Response to “Commentary: Marriage Equality highlights and signs of hope”

  1. HalfGay Says:

    Things are lookin up! Now…if only we could get California on board.

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