She said WHAT?!


This isn’t Louisville-related, but everyone around the country has been talking about last night’s YouTube moment from the Miss USA Paegant. When asked by guest judge Perez Hilton about whether states should legalize same-sex marriage she …

Well, she didn’t win. Here’s the video, followed by Perez’s response.

If you follow Miss USA, you’ll remember the bumbling response from Miss South Carolina in 2007.

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4 Responses to “She said WHAT?!”

  1. Renee Says:

    One of the things that bothered me about her statement is that she justifies it as being part of the way she was raised. It’s as though she is publicly admitting that she has no functioning brain on her own and therefore must fall back on the bigotry that she was taught. She simply does not want to own her homophobia for what it is. I was further disgusted that people were applauding her.

  2. pashley1916 Says:

    I’m sorry, what about TOLERANCE? Aren’t you the type that always want US to tolerate? She gives a tepid, hope-this-doesn’t-offend-anyone answer, and you people flip out?

    It’s not really about tolerance is it? No – it’s about acceptance. I still don’t accept your mental illness, and never will.

    • Keith Says:

      Hi Pashley,

      I’m don’t dare defend Perez’s malicious indictment of Miss California. However, I think that she had a great opportunity to present an answer that could have promoted unity as opposed to divisiveness, as he stated in his video.

      Also, she didn’t really answer the question. Perez asked her what she thought STATES should do about same-sex marriage. She skirted it and inserted her own beliefs. I don’t think she meant to offend anyone and I don’t endorse any attacks on her, but I don’t understand how saying “that’s how I was raised” would be a prudent response.

      FYI, the APA and pretty much every professional health organization stopped recognizing homosexuality as a mental disorder in the early 1970s. I’d appreciate it if you’d not attack our community like that when commenting, thanks.

  3. She said WHAT?! | Entertainment @ U Want 2 Know .Info Says:

    […] Original post by Keith […]

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