Going Out: Bent by Pandora Productions


Pandora Productions marvels us once again, this time with its production of Bent. The play, written by Martin Sherman in 1979, takes place in WWII-era Germany. We’re introduced to Max, a wealthy heir and closeted homosexual. As gays face persecution in Hitler’s rule, Max is forced to leave Berlin with his boyfriend Rudy, escaping to a forest before being captured by SS troops. They are ultimately discovered and sent to a concentration camp, as Max betrays Rudy and hides his sexuality, pretending to be Jewish for the sake of survival. The story then picks up from Max’s imprisonment. He finds solace through another prisoner, named Horst, who both form a friendship in the midst of hopeless circumstances.

According to recent reviews, Bent is one of the most moving, if not thought-provoking, plays put on by Pandora. We witness the brutal images of life during the Holocaust, but also hearty glimpses into human condition and notions of pride, identity and perseverance. There are still several shows left so don’t miss out on this spectacular production.

Friday, May 22
Sunday, May 24

Bunbury Theatre in the Henry Clay Building
604 South Third St.

$15 pre-show
$17 day of show

Order tickets online here.


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