Discrimination at Woody’s: One year later


While many are aware of the heinous McDonald’s incident that took place last summer that has now been resolved, a similar one happened the same year, which went somewhat unnoticed.

LEO Weekly documents the turmoil University of Louisville professor Dr. Kaila Story and several Black and GLBT friends faced at Woody’s, a gay bar located in Old Louisville. The background: Story and her friends were playing pool; two dogs were running around the bar and startled Story, who fell back on the pool table. David Norton, the owner of the bar, confronted Story by saying he didn’t want a “big girl” on the table. An argument later followed, which ended with Norton, according to Story and other patrons, saying anti-gay and racist epithets.

Coverage of the story hit the news stations shortly after, but there was never a formal protest against Woody’s, nor has the owner publicly apologized or acknowledged any wrongdoing. The one-year anniversary of  the  incident comes on the heels of the settlement in the McDonald’s anti-gay discrimination case. Some are wondering if race had played a part in reactions to both incidents.

Several actions have been made by Fairness Campaign, who are calling on the owner to apologize and make amends. For more details, check out LEO Weekly’s article.


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3 Responses to “Discrimination at Woody’s: One year later”

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