FRIDAY: The Perfect 10 at Actors Theatre


perfect10While the Louisville Visual Arts Association gets ready to blow you away visually, Louisville’s got another treat the same night, this time for your ears. Aletha Fields, Fairness Campaign co-coordinator and spoken word artist, will be reciting poetry and prose from her new series of work called, “The Perfect 10,” in association with the 10th Annual Juneteenth Jamboree of New Plays. The performance (which is also on her birthday) presents Field’s wholesome thoughts on contemporary issues, spanning from pop culture, homophobia, racism and sexism.

This event also includes a pre-show by Fusion Dance Troupe, beginning at 6 p.m., and an afterparty at the Wiltshire Pantry. All proceeds benefit Fairness and the Juneteeth Legacy Theater.

Friday, June 5th
6-10 P.M.

Actor Theatre
316 W Main Street

Wiltshire Pantry
1310 E. Breckinridge St.


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