FAIRNESS X: Celebrate 10 years of Fairness this weekend!


10 years of fairness calls for a blowout!

Come celebrate this weekend with the Fairness Campaign as they commemorate the anniversary of the “Fairness Ordinance” in Louisville, which bans discrimination against gays and lesbians in the public arena. Louisville is one of the first cities in the south to have such an ordinance, so why not give props to the people who helped make it happen (and those who are still pushing for equality in the state)?

Fairness X is actually in two parts:

1) Friends of Fairness will be throwing house parties all over the city. Be it a barbecue or a formal dinner, guests are welcome to come to these closed, but festive parties. Donations are expected and vary from party to party. For more info about attending a party and contact info, please email Chris Hartman.

2) The night rounds out with an “X-plosion” at the Monkey Wrench, with live music by DJ Ninja and Lady J and drinks provided by Brown-Forman. Fairness leaders from 1991-1999 will be recognized and all guests get a commemorative pin! It’s only $20 ($10 after midnight), but isn’t 10 years of fighting for fairness priceless?

Saturday, October 24th

House parties, contact Chris Hartman

Fairness X-plosion at Monkey Wrench
1025 Barret Avenue

Varies; $20 suggestion donation for Fairness X-plosion  at Monkey Wrench ($10 after midnight)


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