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BREAKING: Fairness Campaign announces boycott of Woody’s Tavern

October 5, 2009

Fairness Campaign has released a statement announcing the boycott of Woody’s Tavern. The owner, David Norton, has once again been accused of making racist and volatile comments to customers in his bar. If you have been following this story, Norton drove a group of students and a professor out of his bar a year ago due to racist and sexist comments, which he publicly apologized for almost two month ago.

Unfortunately, it looks like Norton has not learned his lesson and that his apology was meant only for the cameras. Some of the remarks  Norton is accused of saying include “trashy faggots,” and “Look at their skin color. You know what’s on the tip of my tongue” in reference to African-American patrons.

It’s truly sad to witness this horribly blatant form of prejudice coming from our own community. Fairness Campaign will be announcing the boycott outside of Woody’s at 4 PM tomorrow, followed by a discussion during their monthly Dismantling Racism meetings on Wednesday (details below). The University of Louisville will also have a public forum about the events on October 28 (time and location to be determined).

All are encouraged to attend. Please spread the word to family, friends and those who you know within the community.

Tomorrow, October 6
4 PM

Woody’s Tavern
208 E. Burnett Street (corner of Brook and E. Burnett St)

Dismantling Racism Sessions

Wednesday, October 7
6 PM

Fairness Campaign Office
2263 Frankfort Avenue


BREAKING: Woody’s owner to apologize for racist, sexist remarks

August 14, 2009

David Norton, the owner of Woody’s Bar in Louisville who was accused of making homophobic and racist epithets against a college professor and students last year, has agreed to a public apology. Fairness Campaign, who sent out a press release this morning, will be present and will also make a statement, along with Dr. Kaila Story and others involved in the incident.

6:30 PM

Woody’s Bar
208 E. Burnett

WEDNESDAY: A Fair Future for Kentucky forum in Richmond, KY

June 15, 2009

equalityCalling all social activists and allies for change!

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights is participating in a series of engaging forums about sexual orientation and gender identity, all pertaining to the Kentucky Civil Rights Act. The act in its current form does not include protection from discrimination for GLBTQ people, despite KCHR’s endorsements for revising it. There will be a panel of officials from KCHR (including Fairness Campaign‘s Carla Wallace), who will articulate their views about the act and why it needs to be amended. KET‘s Renee Shaw will be moderating the sessions.

And YOU can be a part of it! The panel will be taking questions from audience members, so if you want to make your voice heard, this is the time to do it. These sessions will also be broadcast on local TV, so your presence can help send a powerful signal to the viewing masses. Spread the word, bring a friend and speak out against discrimination in the Bluegrass!

Wednesday, June 17
6-8:30 PM


City Hall
239 W. Main St
Richmond, KY

BIG NEWS: Day of Decision – CA Supreme Court to rule on Prop 8 Tuesday, May 26th

May 23, 2009

equalityThe California Supreme Court will be ruling on the lawsuits against Proposition 8 this Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day. Many around the country are preparing for the ruling, also known as Day of Decision. The timing seems to be more than a coincidence, as it falls close to Harvey Milk’s birthday, the 1978 White Night Riots and the upcoming 40th anniversary of Stonewall.

Cities around the country will either hold a protest (if Prop 8 is upheld and the 18,000 marriages at stake are annulled or only if Prop 8 is upheld but the marriages are allowed to stand) or celebration (if Prop 8 is struck down and the 18,000 marriages in question are allowed to stand).

Louisville’s complete list of events can be found here and on Facebook. For more details, please contact Kyle Riggs.

Tuesday, May 26th
6 p.m.

Hall of Justice
S 6th St & W Jefferson St

DoMA Protest wrap-up and more, via Hillbilly Report

May 10, 2009

The DoMA protest went exceedingly well yesterday, as it took place the same time the University of Louisville’s School of Law students were graduating. Senator ‘Ditch Mitch’ McConnell, who spoke, didn’t appear while we were out there, taking his usual ‘back door’ approach.

There was, however, a University of Louisville truck parked outside, blocking protestors. Just sayin’.

Please check out all the photos and the video below care of Jim Pence at the Hillbilly Report, to who we are very gracious for capturing what happened.

VICTORY in McDonald’s anti-gay discrimination case

May 6, 2009
Photo courtesy of ACLU of Kentucky

Photo courtesy of ACLU of Kentucky

Today was a great day for equality as the McDonald’s anti-gay discrimination case finally came to an end.

Nine months ago, Ryan Marlatt, Teddy Eggers and three friends went to the McDonald’s on 420 E. Market and received not-so-happy, if not vile, service. Employees called Marlatt and Eggers several anti-gay slurs, which were practically dismissed by the manager. About three months later, Marlatt and Eggers returned to Louisville to join in a protest against that McDonald’s with Fairness Campaign, ACLU of Kentucky and the University of Louisville’s GLBTQ organization, Common Ground.

Today, the ACLU and Fairness held a press conference announcing a major victory. Marlatt and Eggers each will receive a cash settlement and management at 30 of Louisville-area McDonald’s must attend courses in diversity training.

Coverage of the event will be on tonight’s evening news. Check Fox41, WLKY and WAVE for a wrap-up of today’s event.

Tomorrow: Important announcement regarding anti-gay discrimination case at McDonald’s

May 5, 2009

fairnessprotestFairness Campaign, ACLU of KY and several other groups will be having a press conference at the McDonald’s on 420 E. Market Street tomorrow morning. You may remember that the restaurant got into a slew of controversy after its employees were accused of calling three customers anti-gay slurs and were practically ignored by the manager. This prompted a protest in October, in which dozens of people attended (visit PrideSource for more info).

The press conference will take place at 420 E. Market street, where the incident took place, at 10:30 a.m. All are encouraged to attend.

10:30-11:15 a.m.

420 E. Market Street

Matthew Shepard Bill passes the House, despite crazed comments from conservatives

April 30, 2009

History was made yesterday as the House swiftly passed H.R. 1913, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act. The act would expand the 1969 hate crime law by including crimes against others based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or perceived gender and disability.

But boy did it throw several legislators into a tizzy. A number of conservatives  argued against it vociferously; one highlight came from  Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as she referred to the bill as promulgating “thought crimes.” Really?

Perhaps the most repugnant comments of all came from Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx who used the word “hoax” when describing Matthew Shepard’s murder. Don’t believe me? See for yourself …

She’s already received the ire of Keith Olbermann and many around the country. But worst of all, her comments have disgraced Michael’s family and his death and add to the denial that hate crimes against gays, lesbians and transgendered people are nothing special but just “crimes.”

A Facebook group has been set up against Foxx called “Firefoxx.” You can also let her know how you feel by calling the numbers below:

Washington, DC: (202) 225-2071
Clemmons, NC: (336) 778-0211
Boone, NC: (828) 265-0240

The bill moves on the the Senate and, according to Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother, has the support of majority leader Harry Reid and President Obama.

BREAKING: SB 68 likely to die

March 11, 2009

We’ve just got word from the Cincinnati Inquirer and Deborah Yetter at the Courier-Journal that SB 68 will probably die.  More details here.

Senator Tapp acknowledged that it was too late to vote on the bill. Even if it passes the Senate, there would only be three days left to vote on it in the KY House, which doesn’t appear likely at all.

This is great news, especially to children across the state who are in need of homes. While SB 68 is not officially “dead” yet, it looks like it will more than likely be rescinded.

Senator Tapp, however, wants to propose the bill again next year, so this is not over.

SB 68 Vote TOMORROW in Frankfort – Can you come?

March 9, 2009

Fairness Campaign will be headed to Frankfort tomorrow in preparation for the vote on SB 68, the nasty anti-gay adoption bill proposed by Shelbyville Senator Gary Tapp. They’ll be lining the steps of the capitol at 1 p.m. and you can join them. If you are able to take some time off for this critical issue, Fairness will be carpooling from Louisville at 8 a.m.

Also, there is still time left to make your voice heard about SB 68. Call (800) 372-7181 and leave a message for KY House Speaker Greg Stumbo or call him directly at (502) 564-2363. You can also reach him here. Let all your friends and families know how devastating this bill will be for KY families, kids and the state budget.